Restaurant tavern enchanted flute Pella

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Μαγεμένος Αυλός – Έτος ίδρυσης του εστιατορίου 1985


The Magic Flute is a traditional family pure Greek taverna in the old town of Pella.

It offers both spacious hall Facilities and large yard ready to accommodate visitors.

The philosophical perception of authors is based on key determinants that should have ample common Greek business focus such as:
Quality materials, courtesy, speed, service, friendly behavior, spacious, but above “all in Clean.

The quality of raw materials used in kitchen Magemenou Flute owe the excellent selection of products from the same cook and not by the dealer, as well as in that all creatine products and vegetables are derivatives of the region of the natural process …

Of course to keep hold of a separate kitchen and clientele for over 25 years, apart from quality materials will have a long experience and culinary arts …
Unfortunately, at present, science has not found a way that the flavor can be transmitted via the Internet …. So you should go visit to find this truth.

The Magic Flute takes the tourist feeding package tours and collaborates with tourist travel agencies that overview and impression of excursionists ratings remain on top during their withdrawal from the beautiful and sacred ancient Pella.

Finally our prices despite the quality remain at lower levels of the Greek market, while we do even better discounts to tourist groups and foreign partners and travel agencies.

Also, feeding guides and coach drivers are free, respecting the functions they perform.

tel 2382032886

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